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Founder Amir Vuk

Amir Vuk was born in 1957. In 1976 he finishes the Technical High School in Sarajevo, he continues his education on the Faculty of Architecture, graduating in 1980. In 1997 he founded the architecture studio New Way in Sarajevo, changing firms name to Studio Zec in 2010. In 2003 he enrolls in post-graduate interdisciplinary study at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo.

Looking back on more than three decades of professional experience it’s worth singling out some significant projects and realizations. Shopping centers: VF Lukavac 2005; VF Koreja/Sarajevo 2001-2005; competition design for BBI-center in Sarajevo 2005; City Center In, Orašje 2011. From the category of hotel and hospitality buildings: interior design for hotel Termag, Jahorina 2004; restaurant Koliba/Termag, Jahorina 2010; hotel Han, Bjelašnica 2010; hotel Osejava, Makarska, 2009; hotel Pino, Trebević, 2015. In the category of residential building and urban interventions worth mentioning are the mixed-use building Mejtaš/Sarajevo in 2001, the competition design for the pedestrian bridge and art-street Radićeva / Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 and 2007.

Amir Vuk – Zec won numerous awards for his creations: back in 1986 he won the prestigious Yugoslavian republic award for architecture for an interior design project of a goldsmith shop, a number of Collegium Artisticum Grand Prix awards for building and interior/applied art designs given by the Architects Association of Sarajevo ASAS and the Fine Arts Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina ULUPBIH (for example Šahinpašić Bank Sarajevo in 1998, Cafe Bugatti, Sixty, Boemi in 2001, interior of hotel Termag in 2005, restaurants Carine in Podgorica in 2007, restaurant Koliba in 2010, mosque in Ostojići, Bjelašnica in 2007 (co-author Kenan Brčkalija).

His work is shown regularly on annual exhibitions of Collegium Artisticum in Sarajevo. Also worth mentioning are: solo exhibition „Object in object“ in the Turkish Info Center in Sarajevo in 2009; exhibition „A Decade of BiH design“ Ljubljana 2009; Piran Days of Architecture, Slovenia 1990; Sarajevan New Primitivism, Sarajevo 1989; Salon Mladih, Zagreb in 1986.

He is a member of the Architects Association of Sarajevo ASAS and the Association of Architects of BiH AABIH as well as the Association of Applied Artists and Designers ULUPBIH.

He has held numerous guest lectures, among others: IEDC Bled School of Management, Sarajevo 2010, Dubrovnik Leadership Forum 2005; Days of Architecture at the Architecture Faculty in Sarajevo in 2008 and 2009; Fond for Humanitarian Rights: Documenting and Remembering (Ms Nataša Kandić) in 2007; TU Vienna – Architecture in Progress, Vienna 2004.

His works were published in local and international professional media, i. E.: A10 Magazine (Netherlands), Oris, Čip (Croatia), Mimar Magazine (Turkey), AV (Slovenia); AGD (Sarajevo, BiH).

Our Dedicated Biro Team

  • Amir Vuk
    Amir Vuk CEO & Senior Architect
  • Sanela Belko
    Sanela Belko Chief Architect
  • Mensur Demir
    Mensur Demir Architect
  • Dario Bojanić
    Dario Bojanić Chief Architect
  • Semir Bakić
    Semir Bakić Architect, 3D Visualization
  • Damir Dautbegović
    Damir Dautbegović Architect
  • Igor Tomić
    Igor Tomić Architect
  • Belma Jusufović
    Belma Jusufović Architect
  • Mak Vuk
    Mak Vuk Junior Architect
  • Tajla Mulić
    Tajla Mulić Junior Architect
  • Ena Hadžić
    Ena Hadžić Junior Architect

External collaborators

  • Amna Mahić
    Amna Mahić Designer
  • Suad Avdić
    Suad Avdić 3D Visualization